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An intensive 12 Week 1-on-1 Total Transformative Programme by
Mayank Bhattacharya.

My Goal with this coaching programme is very straightforward - put you in a well-oiled system designed to help you become the best damn version of yourself and coach you in the process of living a happier, healthier and a prosperous life.

I have been experimenting these principles on myself and on my numerous clients, students, team members, friends and employees for well over 7 years now.

I have altered, rewired and reengineered the process well over a thousand times by now and enabled it do help well over 500,000 men become the best versions of themselves online.

This 12 week programme is simply about breaking down that process in an extensive manner and making it a part of the rest of your life.

There will be 12 LIVE Video Sessions (No Pre-Recorded BS). 12 Modules.
2 Assignments. 12 Challenges and 12 of a WHOLE LOT of other things that may actually test your metal in the coming 90 days.

12 Modules:

  1. Finding Your True Self and a Mindset Reset - Principles of Total Image and Mindset Transformation
  2. Understanding Anti-Ageing and Sustainable Fitness ft. Pranav Bahirwani
  3. Building and Improving Your True Personality
  4. The Art of Social Conduct and Body Language
  5. Discovering Your Personal Style and Building Your Image
  6. Building an Interchangeable Super-Stylish Timeless wardrobe
  7. Finding and Building Your Signature Grooming Routine
  8. Introduction to Honest Attraction, Seduction and Social Dynamics
  9. Social Dynamics and Understanding Women
  10. Healthy Relationships - Longevity and Sexuality
  11. Happiness and Fulfilment amidst Success
  12. Death, Growth and Spirituality

Who is this programme for?

  • If you are someone who is frustrated with his current job/life or everything in general - this will be a life-changing programme for you.
  • If you are someone who is in need of a HARD RESET  - this will be transformative programme for you.
  • If you are someone who has insecurities, self doubts and lacks honest confidence - this is the programme for you.
  • If you are someone who is lazy, lethargic and lacks the much needed self discipline - this is the course for you.
  • If you are someone who feels stuck, unfit, unattractive, demotivated, highly unproductive and highly undesirable about himself - this 12-week programme is tailored for you.
  • If you are someone who is just unhappy, confused and anxious about his future - this my friend, is the DAMN PROGRAMME for you!

I am not going to lie here gentlemen, these 12 weeks, starting Mid June 2021, are going to be just as transformative to me as it is going to be for you.
Yes, transformative for me because it has taken me 11 long years to come to this realisation that a programme like THIS - must exist!

Transformative for me because it could possibly be the most fulfilling job I would have ever done in the 11+ years of helping and transforming men online. Yes, I will give you my blood, sweat and tears and help you DISCOVER your BEST SELF. But you have to be willing to stick through the 12 weeks.
You have to be willing to be the change maker.

Coaching has always been a very intrinsic part of my life. I love doing this and I am here for you - but we will not be able to move the needle if you don't take the ownership of your today and tomorrow.

If you have decided to sign up for this and want me to be by your side, then I congratulate you for you decision. For everyone else, nothing is lost - there are still 1000+ transformative videos on my both of my YouTube Channels and they are for free!

Watch them. Learn them. Pour in some self-discipline you shall do fine. Good luck!
See you in the first class.

Programme Fees - Rs 20999 + 18% GST
Alternate Monthly Payment - Rs 8333 + 18% In 3 Monthly Instalments

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