About TMB Basics

Dressing is a serious matter. Especially for men. Unlike the women’s apparel, the Male look thrives on details and makes tradition the hallmark of the perfect gentleman. TMB Basics presents the most essential elements of men’s wardrobe, items that have become icons. From T-Shirts to Tuxedos.

Our goal at TMB Basics is quite simple - Simplify your style and make 'LOOKING GOOD' easy!

Founded by the Indian Entrepreneur and Content Creator Mayank Bhattacharya, TMB Basics's sole goal is to curate the timeless elements of Men's Style.

The story goes like this; After having produced 400+ videos on Classic Men's Style and Image, the one common comment Mayank witnessed in his YouTube channels was "THE ABSENCE of a SOLID QUALITY T-SHIRT" for the modern Indian Men. Frustrated by the unpleasing fit, poor fabric and the sheer lack of a reliable Indian brand specialising in Basic Men's clothing, Mayank Bhattacharya set out to create one of his own.
Thus in July 2018, TMB Basics was born and with a record sold out sale in less than 48 hours, he knew he had a purpose to serve.

You see, TMB Basics is here to make a man's image and style an easy and effective process in communicating his best self. You may not find the latest-in-fashion here but rest assure, you WILL DEFINITELY FIND the BEST in Men's Style here.

And for everything else that doesn't sail your boat of perfectionism, we are just an email or a message away to hear your feedback and do everything in our control to produce the best timeless elements of men's style

We are on a path to transform a million men's image and style and we would much appreciate your sincere support in helping us do the same.